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Tony Aaron II | Activist Filmmaker

Tony’s career as an activist filmmaker began as a homeless young man who gave up everything to take 57 hours of Greyhound buses to get to Hollywood, CA. I slept on the street and when anyone asked me why I was doing it I responded, “I’m going to write, direct, produce, etc. and own a recognizable indie film studio before I’m 35.” As you might expect, a truly tremendous amount of sacrifice and hard work ensued. Not only did I have to build knowledge of how to make a movie, I also needed to build a company that would make my movies, and I needed to do all of that in an industry that didn’t know me and do it literally from the ground up with no help. It has been quite the journey. And it is still only just beginning.
I’m currently based out of CancĂșn, Mexico. I moved here to make movies based in Mexico after my government started kidnapping Hispanic babies and separating them from their parents at the border “as a deterrent”.